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Over Fear

Hello! I'm so glad you're here!


Whether we've been friends for a long time or we are just meeting now, you may not know that I struggled with homesickness during my freshman year of college. Even though many aspects of college were off to an awesome start (great school, good grades, playing on the volleyball team, loving friends and a supportive family), things were not clicking for me. I wanted to give up all the good and just go home - to everything that felt familiar and gave me comfort. I knew deep down that this was silly but I couldn't shake this feeling. Finally, I figured out what was missing: true faith and a relationship with God. I have always had a strong sense of faith (I have gone to Catholic schools all my life) but I had never really LIVED it. I had never had to because things always seemed to work out with just a little faith and a prayer. Once I focused on my faith more fully, got more serious (or maybe less serious) about prayer and realized all the good God had given me, everything changed. I was able to embrace the vulnerability I felt and was able to truly feel like I was never alone. This gave me the courage to face the changes in my life and to make the best of them. I was able to shift my whole outlook on life.  I had always been a positive person, but this brought me to another level. As I said before, my family and friends were super supportive of me during my struggles, but leaning on God and His promises was the key I needed to unlock the captivity of homesickness and to start enjoying life again. I have never looked at a day in my life the same since!

Meet Meghan

Meet Meghan

I had an incredible college experience (once I decided to fully embrace it) and graduated from the University of St. Thomas in May of 2021. UST provided me with a wonderful education and great experiences, and I was blessed to meet so many lifelong friends. I am working as a financial analyst for a large company in the Twin Cities and navigating this latest life change with faith! I enjoy reading, boating, hiking and hanging out with family and friends.

I wrote my little devotional/book during COVID - when I had time due to the cancellation of my senior VB season at UST - another time when I leaned on God and focused on the positives. We all have our fears. Our issues and struggles. Our crosses to bear. But they do not have to be negative or paralyzing and we are not alone when dealing with them.  


My hope is that my story can help others find a deeper relationship with God and a more positive outlook on life.  


I'd love to know your story - and what you think of mine!  

About Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear is an easy to read and interactive devotional with Bible verses, short messages, action plans and prayers that allow for reflection and journaling. 


The reader is encouraged to accept change, embrace vulnerability, and open up to new possibilities. The book is ideal for high school seniors and college freshman but can speak to people in almost any walk of life.

Buy the Book

Buy the Book

Send me a message below or reach out to me on social media if you'd like to find out more about the book or request a copy. I have also spoken to a few college and high school student groups and am eager for additional speaking opportunities.

Thanks for reaching out!

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